Playing the Accordion to Spread Love and Faith


Benjamin Anaman is a Ghanaian Minister of God, song writer and a Musician. He loves to sing and play the Accordion. The 5 fold Ministry (Apostolic, Evangelistic, Prophetic, Pastoral and Teaching) is seen in his calling.

Benjamin Anaman was born and raised in Ashaiman - Accra Ghana into a family of nine; one brother and five Sisters. His parents were Nana Esaaba III of Ekumfi Nanaben and Nana Kwesi Ajumako V of Ajumako – Techiman both in the Central Region of Ghana.


Even though he was born in a Royal family, both parents were Christians. He was a dreamer.


Hidden Truth within the scriptures are layers of symbolism, metaphor, and parables that transcend literal interpretations. Unearthing these hidden truths involves delving into historical and cultural contexts, examining original languages, and exploring the overarching themes and messages conveyed through the stories, parables, and teachings.

Apostle Anaman by the grace of God reveals the hidden truth in the Scriptures and as a result, addressing the controverses, misconceptions and the misinterpretations of the Scriptures in our time.

Tithing in the new Testament - Time with the Apostle Episode 6 (Apostle Benjamin Anaman)

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Learn about the life and journey of Benjamin Anaman, a man of God and a talented musician who has a deep passion for playing the accordion. Discover his inspiring story and the experiences that have shaped his music.

Benjamin Anaman

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Immerse yourself in the captivating music of Benjamin Anaman. Listen to his beautiful accordion compositions that touch the heart and uplift the spirit. Explore a collection of his soulful songs that reflect his faith and the love for God.

Morning Worship Medley Vol. 1 (The true Holy Spirit filled worship)

B3 HY3 ME MA (come and fill me) Official Video



Benjamin Anaman is a gifted musician who has dedicated his life to spreading love and faith through his music and teachings. With his mastery of the accordion, he creates enchanting melodies that resonate with the soul. His songs are a reflection of his deep connection with God and his desire to inspire others. Explore his journey, listen to his music, and join him on this musical and spiritual adventure.

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